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DrillingDOWN: Reinvigorated oil and gas M&A environment

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On the cusp of a reinvigorated Oil and Gas M&A environment

Driving toward high performance data and analytics

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Four steps for building the right organization

Establish a more effective regulatory ecosystem

No Date
Industry challenges and solutions for a successful regulatory ecosystem

Embracing innovation: Disrupt before you are disrupted

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How are organizations innovating for the future? Join us at Ducks Eatery in NYC’s East Village, where innovation is on the menu. Here, we chat with start-up executives about ways organizations are making innovation happen, from signals to action.

A CIO checklist for digital transformation

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KPMG recommends seven areas of focus for CIOs to include in their digital transformation strategy.

Endurance capabilities roadmap: health system checkup

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Assessing your organization across these five high impact areas is the foundation of understanding the options that best position you for success and dampens the noise of trendy moves.

Enhanced cyber risk management standards

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A point of view on advance notice of proposed rule making

Enterprise analytics

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KPMG can help drive analytics strategy to fully realize the potential of corporate information assets.

Enterprise architecture and the cloud

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Planning for blue skies

KPMG ERP controls survey 2017

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New findings suggest more support is required for risk mitigation.
101 - 110 of 3479 Results: