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IFRS vs. US GAAP: Liability/ equity classification

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The general principles that drive the classification of a financial instrument as a financial liability or as equity under IFRS are outlined below.

Impairment under IFRS 9 for US companies

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Both IFRS 9 and CECL focus on expected credit losses, but the models are significantly different.

Information management

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How do you effectively transform data on a consistent basis into information which can provide actionable intelligence for an organization? KPMG believes it starts with identifying, enabling, and realizing business value.

Getting a handle on IT supplier management

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Vendor Management Offices can help IT organizations tame the challenges in managing their supplier base, while driving efficiencies, governance and cost savings

Information technology

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IT is expected to add value by improving business performance, by accelerating time to market, by opening new markets and facilitating mergers and acquisitions.

Keeping up with the rising bar of quality

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Join us at the Chocolate Room to talk about why innovation is essential to maintaining high quality services and products over time.

Insights on digital labor and legislation in outsourcing

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How can you prepare for potential U.S. immigration policy changes? Does digital labor offer a solution?

Insurance industry transformation

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In a rapidly changing market place innovation, new technologies and digital customer interactions are leading to increasing risks and driving new business models in the industry.

Intelligent automation in financial crimes

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Forging an innovative compliance strategy for the future

Deliver competitive advantage with intelligent services governance

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Five practical steps for your service organization to transform its data discovery, interpretation, and communication capabilities
171 - 180 of 3795 Results: