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Keeping up with the rising bar of quality

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Join us at the Chocolate Room to talk about why innovation is essential to maintaining high quality services and products over time.

Insights on digital labor and legislation in outsourcing

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How can you prepare for potential U.S. immigration policy changes? Does digital labor offer a solution?

Insurance industry transformation

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"In a rapidly changing market place innovation, new technologies and digital customer interactions are leading to increasing risks and driving new business models in the industry. To thrive through this environment, companies must understand how these changes will impact them and develop clear...

Intelligent automation in financial crimes

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Forging an innovative compliance strategy for the future

Deliver competitive advantage with intelligent services governance

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Five practical steps for your service organization to transform its data discovery, interpretation, and communication capabilities

Is it time to rethink your loyalty program?

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Drive market share with new strategies for success

Is it zero hour for consumer packaged goods companies?

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A look at the changing landscape of direct-to-consumer

Islands of autonomy

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How autonomous vehicles will emerge in cities around the world

Issues In-Depth: Levies in the US

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KPMG considers the IFRS accounting for property tax, US branded prescription drug fee, and the US deposit guarantee scheme.

Unlock value with IT service management transformation

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IT must optimize to serve its “customers” by utilizing innovation, enhanced client relationship management, strategic planning, and cost transparency to survive in the digital age.
181 - 190 of 3490 Results: