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Lease Definition

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KPMG's Lease definition helps entities determine whether an arrangement contains a lease under IFRS 16.

Lease payments under IFRS

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KPMG's Lease payments will help determine lease payments that should be included in the lease liability under the new standard.

Leases: Discount rates

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KPMG's Leases: Discount rates will help determine the discount rate under ASC 842 and the affect on financial statements.

Leases survey highlights implementation issues

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While companies are making progress in their IFRS 16 implementation efforts, KPMG’s survey highlights the need for greater effort and a longer lead time than expected.

Leases: Telco reporting

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KPMG helps teleco companies reporting under IFRS understand how their accounting under the new leases standard is changing.

Lending transformation

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How do you transform your lending business model to thrive in the era of digital innovation?

Letting intelligent automation take flight

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Risk and governance will help you safely land your automation goals.

Life sciences innovation and cyber security are inseparable

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Breakthrough drugs and devices present greater opportunities … and risks

Life with the Jetsons

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Personal VTOL aircraft take off

M&A can help your company address current consumer trends

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Companies who want to gain from this trend need to perform a strategic analysis on their existing platforms and shopping experiences and determine if M&A is needed to supplement their technology capabilities.
191 - 200 of 3658 Results: