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KPMG / NACD Quarterly Audit Committee Webcast Series

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This quarterly webcast series provides updates and insights into issues affecting Audit Committee and board oversight -- from key accounting and regulatory changes to developments in risk oversight.

Relevant Topics

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The latest in cybersecurity, IT, geopolitical and macroeconomic trends, and other top-of-mind issues for board directors.

A private company focus on governance

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As experienced private company directors and executives recognize, good corporate governance is critical to any company's growth and success -- it adds real value, preparing the company for short-term challenges and long-term opportunities.

Anticipating governance catalysts in a family-owned business

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Family-owned companies can be greatly enhanced by self-imposed professional governance standards.

Capital Allocation and the Board of Directors

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With its focus on financial reporting and insights into the finance organization, the audit committee can serve as a catalyst for the board’s deeper dive into capital allocation.

Closing the gaps: Challenge for private company boards

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Often dominated by founders, families, business partners and direct investors, private company boards tend to have deep knowledge of and passion for the business, but may lack the independence, expertise, and objectivity required to clearly see and effectively respond to new risks and opportunities

Cyber risk areas of focus for the audit committee

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What information is key to assessing whether management has its arms around cyber risk? Certainly, the audit committee needs to hear from a Chief Information Security Officer or Chief Information Officer who is knowledgeable and can help them see the big picture. But what should be the key...

Exceptional private boards get the basics right

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Without a regulator or stock exchange to impose oversight guidelines, private companies often “write their own rules” when it comes to governance.

Global boardroom insights: Audit committee effectiveness

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Audit committee effectiveness clearly hinges on some fundamentals, including the right committee composition and dynamics; an up-to-date charter with well-defined responsibilities; a risk-based approach to setting the committee's agenda; an understanding of current and emerging issues; and...

Global boardroom insights: The audit committee workload

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In this issue of Global Boardroom Insights, KPMG’s Audit Committee Institute asked audit committee chairs around the world for their views on the audit committee’s workload.
11 - 20 of 3280 Results: