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Design & build

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Actualizing your business ideas from concept to full deployment.

Design thinking

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Fueling innovation by connecting with your customers' real-world needs.

Destination (un)known

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Now every business is a digital business.

It's time for CIOs to lead or get out of the way

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Six steps CIOs can take to get ahead of digital disruption.

Digital disruption: The effect of technology on growing enterprise

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KPMG's David Brown and Morris Treadway share strategies that can help companies achieve positive transformational change through digital disruption.

Digital disruptors drive an 'as-a-service' capability in GBS

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A new normal for global business services

Are you ready to be a bot boss?

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A guide to the advantages, questions to ask, and guidelines to follow for businesses considering embracing emerging automation technologies and digital labor.

Digital labor promises major disruptions to outsourcing

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Digital labor risks, opportunities and considerations for businesses that use outsourcing services and the providers that deliver them.

Digital labor in procurement: First steps to the future

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Automation can speed the procurement process and free up resources for more value-adding work.

Digital labor transforms the shared services delivery model

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Is your business ready to seize the advantages digital labor enables in shared services?
81 - 90 of 3661 Results: